I’ve lived in Maryland my entire life and I’m a real estate agent for the state. This makes me more than qualified to give you the rundown of the pros and cons of living in Maryland.

Pros of Living in Maryland

A number of things make Maryland a great place to live, whatever your ambitions and interests.

1. Employment Opportunities

There is always a lot of jobs available in Maryland, and many of them are good jobs — thanks to the proximity to Washington DC. A large number are government jobs, particularly those in Baltimore. Another popular option is to live in Maryland and work in DC. Depending on where exactly you live, this can be just a short commute.

2. Beautiful Parks

Things To Do In Maryland

One reason why Maryland is called “America in Miniature” is because of the huge number of national and state parks in such a small area. Plus, the geographical diversity of the state means that every park has something slightly different to offer.

For instance, Maryland extends out into the ocean. Close to the waterfront, you can find parks like Assateague Island. In the North and West, you have the Appalachian Mountains. The portion of the trail that crosses through Maryland is ideal for hiking, camping, and just otherwise exploring.

Here is a complete list of Maryland’s State Parks https://www.nps.gov/state/md/index.htm

3. Diverse Museums

There are also many museums in Maryland, again due to its location right next to the capital. Some top choices include Walters Art Museum and the National Aquarium. You also have even more famous museums, like the Smithsonian American Art Museum, right close by.

Here is a complete list of all of the great museums Maryland has to offer https://www.visitmaryland.org/article/museums-maryland

4. Numerous Beaches

The entire oceanfront of Maryland is made up of stunning beaches. A couple everyone needs to visit are Ocean City and Assateague Island. Plus, there are many more at the Chesapeake Bay — for instance, Chesapeake Beach in Calvert County and Sandy Point State Park, which is just outside Annapolis by Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

If you enjoy swimming, fishing, boating, or anything else related to the beach scene, you will like living in Maryland. Discover your favorite beach and return to it time and again or explore all the beaches in the state.

5. Two NFL Teams

Things To Do In Maryland

Despite being a small state, Maryland is home to two NFL teams: the Baltimore Ravens and the Redskins. Most residents in Maryland root for the Ravens, but many residents who live near DC are Redskins fans. Whichever team you choose, the likelihood is that at least some of your neighbors will also be fans.

Cons of Living in Maryland

You’ll never find a place to live that is absolutely free from disadvantages — and Maryland is no exception.

1. High Volume of Traffic

For every positive, there is also a negative. So many great jobs in Maryland also means a large amount of traffic. This can be a major annoyance. Traffic tends to be concentrated on routes from the suburbs to Baltimore and DC.

2. Expensive Property Taxes

Relative to the rest of the country, Maryland does have high property taxes. This is also true of Virginia — again, due to the proximity to DC. This can come as shock to people considering moving to the state. However, you need to remember that the expense does come with its share of benefits.

3. High Property Values

Properties themselves are also expensive compared to other states. Once more, this is because of the significant number of high-paying government jobs. The average cost of a home in Maryland is $320,000.

The good news is that in more rural parts of the state (such as some areas in Southern and Northern Maryland), properties are more affordable. It’s the places within commuting distance of Baltimore and DC that have higher prices.

4. Bay Bridge

Chesapeake Bay Bridge, Maryland

The last item on the “cons” list may be controversial. Whereas many people love Bay Bridge, even they have to admit that it does have its downsides.

For one thing, the imposing size of the bridge is not appealing to anyone with a fear of heights. For another, there’s the Ocean City traffic. On Friday evenings, as well as just about any day during the summer months, there are hordes of people leaving DC and Baltimore after work and heading to Ocean City. This creates a bottleneck right before the bridge and the traffic backs up from Route 50 for miles.

Still, whatever your feelings for Bay Bridge, you do have to admit that it has fantastic views of Kent Island, Annapolis, and the Chesapeake Bay. It’s just hard to appreciate them when you’re frustrated with the traffic, trying to get home after work.

Like anywhere in the world, Maryland has its fair share of pros and cons. I think that most people can agree that the benefits do outweigh the disadvantages — in some ways, they even offset some of the downsides.

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